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Birth Certificate


Birth Certificates are available for purchase.

They are a great historical record to go with your vintage machines


They make great gifts for the Oliver collector for any occasion

Here is the Birth Cert for the Lathe as seen in the picture above


We have records in our vault dating back to the early 1900's.

They usually show the date the order was received/shipped, the buyer's name & address, the machine's weight and sometimes special specifications for that particular machine.

All we need is your machine's Model & Serial Number. We can then research our records & you will receive a scanned color copy of the original order.

             The Model & Serial No. of your Pre-1999 Oliver Woodworking machine
              is stamped into the "OLIVER" Name Plate that was affixed to the
              machine at the time it was manufactured.  The plate usually has an eagle on it.
             Unfortunately the serial number on the motor nameplate will not identify the machine.

Birth Certificates are available at a nominal charge of ................$35.00